Become a Partner

What We Believe

We, the undersigned, believe we can and must do more to ensure a better future for all Philadelphia’s children.

We believe that reading at grade level by the start of 4th grade is a key developmental milestone—a crucial academic tipping point—that we must put within reach of all our children, not just the 40% of children who reach that benchmark today.

We believe the reasons that far too many of our children do not reach this milestone are many, interrelated and complex, neither the failing of any one institution or group, nor challenges that any one institution or group can solve in isolation. Rather, this goal can be achieved only if we come together as Philadelphians.

Which is why Read by 4th is a network of partners both traditional (educators, literacy specialists, youth program providers, etc.) and non-traditional (local chambers, neighborhood merchants, faith leaders, block captains, etc.).

What binds us all as parents and other loving grownups is the belief in our collective responsibility to give all our children their best shot at school and life success.

Our Commitment

WE COMMIT to doing our part to advance Read by 4th’s overarching goal of doubling the number of Philadelphia school children reading at grade level by the start of the 4th grade—a waypoint to our eventual goal of improving educational outcomes for all our children.

WE COMMIT to support the broad-based, community-focused Read by 4th agenda of mutually supportive initiatives based on what research has shown to drive early literacy, including: increased school readiness, daily, on-time attendance, improved instructional strategies, and enhanced summer/out-of-school time learning.

WE COMMIT to spreading Read by 4th campaign’s central message that everyone has a role to play, proudly identifying and aligning our organization as a Read by 4th partner and actively seeking to grow the reach of our combined e orts.

WE COMMIT to actively seeking opportunities to advance one or more of the following 6 Bold Ideas (e.g., by directly providing these services, recruiting participants, documenting results and sharing information). Check all that apply.

Every grownup caregiver embraces life's teachable moments in a city full of learning landscapes.Every child has a personal home library.Every family makes perfect school attendance a weekly goal because they understand that every day counts, start to finish.Every child has access to free reading tutoring in their neighborhood.Every new teacher enters the classroom ready to teach reading.Every block has a Reading Captain.

Briefly specify how your organization will advance the bold ideas selected and how Read by 4th could leverage your organization's resources, capacity, and expertise.

Managing Partner Role

As managing partner of the Read by 4th campaign, the Free Library of Philadelphia will:

  • Convene partners to facilitate working groups and communications between partner organizations;
  • Identify and share best practices and emerging research to support literacy development;
  • Facilitate the development of shared measurement framework and promote its use among the partners;
  • Track and report on progress of the campaign and ensure a culture of continuous improvement and accountability;
  • Lead the development of communications and public awareness resources that can be used by all partners; and
  • Promote partner organizations and their campaign-related work.