Celebrating FathersRead365

We are excited to be partners with FathersRead365! FathersRead365 is a non-profit organization started by Brent Johnstone and Akeiff Staples, two fathers wanting to make a change in their community by having positive male involvement in their children’s education. Currently, they have been improving children’s literacy in the city by reading aloud to children, building libraries, and recruiting fathers to be reading volunteers.

FathersRead365 reads to children at daycare centers and in kindergarten classrooms.  They engage the children by making reading fun. As they read a book they actively involve the children by acting it out as different characters in the story. When they are done, they help children with their active reading skills. Active reading skills are when a person and a child read together to understand a story.

Reading doesn’t just happen at school it also happens at home. One of the biggest challenges for low-income families is the lack of access to books at home. This is why Read by 4th is helping FathersRead365 expand their Literacy POP UP initiative. The Literacy POP UP initiative will give children Dad Bags with their book I’m Beautiful I’m Proud along with four books provided by Philadelphia READS and Tree House Books for their home libraries. Having books at home will allow children to be able to build their literacy skills at home.

Recently, FathersRead365 had a Father’s Education and Literacy conference to recruit fathers on April 28th at William D. Kelley Public School. The purpose of the conference was to discuss the need for fathers to lead in their community, the importance of fathers engaging in literacy with their children, and advocating for children in the educational field. All of the information discussed was to inform fathers and others alike to be part of their community and their community to advance in literacy.

FathersRead365 is actively recruiting like-minded fathers to advocate for education for their children and all of the children in their community. Volunteers will read with children in different schools along with Brent and Akeiff. A volunteer can also suggest a place they would like FathersRead365 to go to and read to children. To volunteer you can email fathersread365.

To learn more visit their website.