Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

As summer is in full swing and the start of school is soon approaching, it is important to take the next steps in preparing children for their first academic adventure. This will help them walk into their classroom on the first day of kindergarten with confidence and excitement, and help parents to feel those same feelings for their child.

One of the most necessary ways for parents to best prepare their child for kindergarten is to make everyday moments into teachable moments. This can be initiated by the parent while they are doing a daily task to show the child how it is done and let them participate. This can be done anywhere, whether you are out grocery shopping, driving in the car, or in the park. The child can also initiate this when he or she plays a game, draws a picture or plays with a toy. The parent can then talk with their child about what their child was doing so they are both learning something from one another.

Another way for parents to engage with children and experience teachable moments together is with the help of free apps and website. With free online resources such as Vroom, and ReadyRosie, parents and children can learn about new ways to make everyday tasks and moments into brain building moments. This digital experience is meant to be interactive for both children and parents and encourages them to be having these everyday learning moments together.

On Vroom’s website, parents and children can stay organized when learning how to implement learning into their daily lives. They can do everything from viewing virtual flashcards that offer various ways of how parents can incorporate educational lessons into everyday tasks to keeping an online log of the learning activities they designed on their own. Vroom also provides additional materials for download and print that include stickers, tip cards, and posters. Vroom’s resources can be accessed on both their website and app. Click here to register for free.

Similar to Vroom, ReadyRosie educates and provides resources for families on how to make everyday experiences learning experiences for infants, pre-k and elementary school children. What sets ReadyRosie apart from Vroom, however, is that it is also a tool that encourages communication between educators and parents. In addition, ReadyRosie also offers all content in Spanish. Parents and educators can select from a wide range of videos with families modeling an everyday situation where they make it a teachable moment. The videos can be sorted by age, skill, location, language, and subject. All resources can be retrieved from the website or app. Click here to register with the Philadelphia Free Library’s membership! Simply type in your Philadelphia zip code and select Free Library of Philadelphia. From there you can fill in your information and you are then ready for ReadyRosie!

Finally, what will prepare children well for kindergarten is to continue to read with them. Sharing that experience together and making connections between the story and everyday lives will prepare them well for reading time in the classroom. This will also encourage them to look at books on their own in their kindergarten classroom during free time. The more exposure children get to reading, the better.