Collective Impact organizations making a difference across the country

There’s a common adage that “it takes a village to raise a child,” yet much of the work between organizations to help children succeed are done in isolation. Worse, this isolation tends to stymie the efforts of the group as individual actors and organizations impede upon one another in an attempt to help. With this sort of practice, frustration grows until, eventually, system-wide progress seems unobtainable. That is, until now.

Taking place in communities across the country, The StriveTogether, based out of Cincinnati, OH, is geared towards improving education in cities by bringing together the elements that previously worked separately from one another. StiveTogether achieves this by asking local leaders to abandon individual agendas in favor of a collective approach aimed at improving student achievement. This approach, implemented in around 70 communities around the country, is working!

In an article published for the Stanford SOCIAL INNOVATION Review, Sarah Stachowiak and Lauren Gase, discuss StriveTogether and its impact on communities. What they found, was that the efforts of collective impact organizations work! They found that StriveTogether and other collective impact organizations contribute to changes in target populations.

If you’d like to read more about the impact of collective impact organizations, check out this op-ed from The New York Times about how collective impact organizations are changing communities across the country.