Continuing the Conversation: Science of Reading

science of reading

Over the past year we have been listening in on the conversation about the ‘science of reading’ and asking the question ‘how do children learn how to read?’ Emily Hanford’s “Hard Words” drew back the curtain on how most of the nation’s education systems have been relying on a reading through ‘osmosis’ (or guessing) method. This method tends to produce struggling young readers who go on to become struggling adult readers. However, research shows that reading is neither a guessing game nor a natural process–our brains are not built to read. Learning to read, unlike learning to speak, must be taught through strategic teaching of phonics, vocabulary, AND decoding words.

What else does the research show about teaching children how to read?

In “How do Kids Learn to Read? What the Science Says,” Education Week answers common questions about the science of reading, such as the right age for children to start sounding out words and clarifying the proper role phonics plays in helping children become strong readers.

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