Create A New Year’s Reading Resolution

We are excited to continue our bi-monthly blog series from contributor Marni Fogelson! Marni is a children’s book author that writes awesome tips to support parents as they raise strong readers!

New Year’s resolutions:

You either love them or hate them. Whatever your feelings are, most people admit how challenging they can be to keep. Making a New Year’s reading resolution might be one of favorite resolutions to make, whether it is to read a certain number of books or to establish a nightly bedtime reading routine.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Make a weekly or monthly (whatever works with your schedule) trip as a family to the library.

Let everyone have the opportunity to pick up books that interest them. Children’s librarians will have great tips for every reading and interest level and have knowledge of the most popular and newest books on offer as well as classics that stand the test of time.

If you have little ones and know that you won’t have time to leisurely browse the stacks for your own reading, make a list of titles before you go. You can also place a hold on a few books. You’ll get notified when they are available, and you can pick those up (quickly) at one location in the library.

Have a stash of books at the ready.

Put a book by your child’s bedside table and by your own. Keep a book by the couch or at the dinner table for when kids finish early and start to get squirmy. Having books close by make it easier to grab one (instead of a device) when there’s a little downtime.






Consider creating a family reading time.

Most school age children will be used to having a quiet reading time or class read aloud (or both) as part of their schoolday or week. Copy this habit at home-you can choose a book for a family read aloud or have everyone read separately but in the same space. In the winter months especially, lighting a candle or having hot chocolate help create a cozy vibe that’s perfect for snuggling up with a book. Or have reading time at bedtime-it’s the perfect calming end to the day.

Let kids “catch” you reading.

Seeing YOU read sets a great example of how reading is an activity that is to be enjoyed. Reading and learning should be lifelong pursuits, and getting kids started early is key to ensuring a future generation of booklovers!

Marni Fogelson is the co-chair of Team First Book Philadelphia, a nonprofit with the mission of providing new, diverse, free books to local children in need. She is also a children’s book author and has written for various parenting and design websites and publications. She loves reading to and with everyone in her family, including her dog Sparky (who is a great listener). Discover the amazing work First Book Philadelphia is doing @FirstBookPhiladelphia