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Why reading by 4th grade matters.

As parents and other loving grownups, we help our children reach important milestones. Sleep through the night, crawl, walk, talk, start kindergarten ready to learn, and so much more.

Only recently have most of us learned that reading by 4th is another critical milestone for our children. Students who start 4th grade reading and writing well have a much better chance of doing well in school through high school and graduating on time.

Students who start 4th grade struggling with reading and writing are more likely to stay or fall further behind. This is because until the start of 4th grade, classroom instruction is focused on teaching our children how to read. Afterwards, it’s focused on using reading to teach other subjects.

Life is full of teachable moments.  

What we do as parents and other loving grownups can make all the difference. And what we’re talking about doesn’t take extra money, or even more time.

Experts say little changes we make in our children’s lives can make really big changes in getting them to the read-by-4th the milestone.

Small changes may seem simple, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy. For most of us, it takes focus and practicing these new ways of doing things to make them a part of our everyday life with our children.

You already have what it takes. And we’re here to help.

While there is a science to teaching someone how to read, we don’t expect parents to learn this science. Yet, there are plenty of other ways we can help our children with their reading. That’s the focus of this website.  

Most of what we share comes from parents like you, so we welcome your ideas.
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