Summer Reading

Parents and Guardians: Help your Child Beat “Summer Slide”


Did you know?
During the summer months, students often lose 2-3 months of the reading skills they’ve gained during the school year. This summer learning loss – known as “summer slide” – can be a major reason why children read below grade level as they get older.


You can help!
Reading regularly over the summer can help children avoid the summer slide. Here are some ways to prevent the summer slide:

1. ABCs. Read with your child, rather than to your child. 

Practice the ABCs. Ask questions, build vocabulary, and make connections.

2. Right Books. Find books that match your child’s reading level. 

Your child’s reading level can be found on their report card. When given books that match their reading level, children can quickly gain confidence to grow as readers. To find books that fit your child’s reading level, visit the School District of Philadelphia’s summer reading list.


3. Summer of Wonder Family Tradition.  Visit the library. 

Start a weekly tradition of visiting your local library to check out books and free children’s programming.

4. Be a Reading Hero. Show by example. 

Show your children how much you value reading by turning everyday moments into teachable ones.

Read by 4th offers ideas and free resources including:
  • Information about how to access free eBooks by reading level
  • Our asset map, which shows the location of book nooks, libraries and Read and Rise-certified summer camps throughout the city
  • Family tips on how to turn everyday moments into teachable moments
  • Monthly calendar of FREE family events across Philadelphia