Featured Reading Hero: Brent Johnstone

After hiding his dyslexia for many years, Brent Johnstone has made it his mission to reach out and help kids who struggle with reading. He struggled in school, but always had ample help from his mother. When he got to college, he realized how much help he really needed. He is grateful for the extensive amount of resources allotted by Temple University to help him better his reading.

“Dyslexia doesn’t stop you from doing anything you want to do. You just have to learn to do it in your own creative way.”

Two causes that are near to his heart are literacy and fatherhood. In fact, these two topics are the driving forces behind his book, 52 Simple and Fun Activities for Dads and Kids. Each activity includes a description about why the idea is important and an area to capture that activity with a picture. According to Mr. Johnstone, the purpose of this book is to make it as easy as possible for fathers to be able to spend time with their kids. “There is no reason not to be able to spend time with your child.” In addition, he is already working on his next book, “Khalil Was Excited About Going to School”.

Keep up the good work Brent!