Finally! A Pressure-Free Family Schedule You Don’t Have to Stick to!

Have you seen that viral family schedule going around on social media? Now, most of us don’t have time to color-code every moment of our day (more power to you if you do!), but even trying to create a routine is a great way to find normalcy during these crazy times.

We thought we’d share a few tips and FREE resources we’ve come up with while stuck at home. It’s not about being perfect, but finding balance and savoring every moment of this extra family time.

Here’s how we’re spending our days:

Wake up call.
Start the day off by calling grandparents and loved ones. Instead of using your address book, have your child practice dialing their phone number.

Breakfast buddy.
Even younger children can help make family meals. Reading recipes, writing grocery lists, and measuring are all great ways to learn. Check out these recipes to make with your child.

Office hours.

We can’t get enough of this survival guide for parents and caregivers working from home. Your little coworker has work to do, too. Take a look at the resources provided by your child’s school to keep them on track.

Lunch break.
For all those who need it, the City and school systems are providing 2 FREE meals for students. Click here for the latest information about where families can pick up meals.

Afternoon Art.
Get creative. Grab a pen, marker or crayon and doodle along with child’s author and illustrator Mo Willems’s video series, Lunch Doodles!

Screen-time Scrabble.
Life is about balance. Instead of fighting screen time, we’re making it into a learning moment by turning on closed captioning on TVs, tablets, and phones. The Free Library of Philadelphia also has great digital games and resources
to keep children learning and entertained.

After dinner walk.
Managing stress during these times is so important. Take a deep breath and go outside for a walk (keeping 6 feet away from people you don’t live with). While you’re out, grab the chalk and write a friendly message to your neighbors.

Bedtime stories!
You know we couldn’t finish our list without reading! Read books, magazines and everything in between.

Check out these free digital books you can access online with your library card and Audible has FREE audiobooks for kids.

That’s it!

Share what you liked with a friend. And if you have any tips or want to show what cool learning activities your family is up to, tag us on social media @Readby4th and use #WeGotThis because you do!