Book Nooks

What’s a book nook?

  • A book nook is a designated area, in your place of business, for children to read and explore books. This can be at a nail salon, barbershop, bank, or even a laundromat. 

Why build a book nook?

  • Turn wait time into reading time! Having a book nook reminds families that reading can happen anywhere, not just at home or at school. 

How do I build a book nook?

  • The look of a book nook depends on the size and space of your business. There are over 250 book nooks located throughout the City of Philadelphia. Not one, looks like the other. Children can sit on a rug to read or they can sit on a couch. You can place picture books on a bookshelf, in a basket, or on a table. Whatever fits your needs!

I built a book nook, now what?

  • Whoo-hoo! You just made an enormous impact in helping the children of Philadelphia become stronger readers. Now, we want to see your book nook in action! Take a picture and tag us on Facebook: @Readby4th, Instagram: Readby4th, or Twitter: @Readby4th!

Photo courtesy of APM for Everyone.

Featured Book Nook: 

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