Got books? 3 Easy Tips to Boost Your Next Storytime

There’s nothing like snuggling up with a book and reading together. Children (and us parents) get so much from that  time. The squirmy toddler, the struggling reader, even the big kid who says they’re too old—at every age and every stage, these moments are special and can help your child grow. 

We all know that reading is important, but many of us don’t realize that there are three simple things we can do while we read to help our children learn even more. And yes, they’re easy as A-B-C. 

Don’t miss the chance to boost your child’s learning the next time you read together. 

Ask questions

“What do you think will happen next?”

“Can you help me find the color red in this picture?”

“Why do you think the character did that?” 


Build vocabulary.

“Let’s look up what this new word means!”

“Let’s sound out this word together.”




Connect the story to your world.

“Do you remember when we did that?”

“Who from our family looks like this character?”

“Does this remind you of the story we read last week?”


We get it. Families are busy, and we might not always get to read together as much as we’d like. So, think quality and remember your (new) ABCs!