Help Your Child Beat the Summer Slide

Over the summer, it is common that students lose 2-3 months of the reading skills they’ve gained during the school year. When students fall behind on these skills, it leads to what is known as the “summer slide.” During the summer months, students aren’t in class five days a week where they practicing their reading, writing and comprehension skills with teachers. When students aren’t doing this on a daily basis, it makes them forget what they had previously learned.

There are educational and fun activities outside of school that you can do with and for your child to prevent the summer slide.

It is important to start with knowing your child’s reading level, which can be indicated on their report card. Then, be sure to find books on reading lists that match your child’s reading level. These books can be found at your local library, where you can go to read with your child, borrow books to bring home, or to get involved with summer reading events.

Make sure you are reading with your child and not to your child. Have conversations about what you read together and ask your child questions about it. Your child can leave a message to Cappuccino, Power 99 radio host about what they are reading this summer. They can call Cappuccino at 267-388-0825 to tell her about their summer reading.

Show by example and be a Reading Hero. Explain the importance of reading to your child and point out examples of how reading is everywhere you go! Turn everyday moments into teachable moments.

It is very important for students to keep practicing their reading, writing and comprehension skills, especially over the summer when they are not doing it in school every day. Actively engaging with your child to beat the summer slide will put them on the right track for the next school year and with their reading progress.

Look for more ways to get your child to practice reading in fun and educational ways by enrolling them in a Read and Rise Camp or After School Activities Partnership (ASAP) program.

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Written by Rebecca Plaut