Always Keep Your Child a Step Ahead: For Free!

Ready4K is a researched based program that offers free text messages, to parents
to prepare their child for Kindergarten. These facts and tips are meant to empower
parents to participate in their child’s literacy education by providing them with a
wide range of activities, that will allow them to support their child’s developmental

Caregivers get 3 text messages a week, the information in these messages, range
from a fact, tip, or a message encouraging growth. Facts contain helpful
information that tells parents where their child is in their learning development.
Tips are examples of at home or local neighborhood activities, such as: walking
your child to school, grocery shopping with your child, and when you’re both at
home having family time. Growth messages include details on how to expand
physical activities that were suggested in previous messages. Most importantly,
these tips and activities are geared to the age of your child and are free for

Participating in your child’s Kindergarten readiness process is crucial because it
supports your child’s ability to learn, which increases their ability to read on grade

Incorporating the 3 texts you’ll be sent every week, along with real life activities
will maximize literacy exposure for your child.

To receive these text messages right away, follow these 3 easy steps: 1) text
“READby4th” to 70138. 2)Enter your child’s birthdate. 3) Select your preferred
language. FREE tips and refreshing facts, available in English and Spanish
languages- all at the touch of a hand.

For more information, click the following link.