Looking Back on a Year of Book Nooks

It’s hard to believe that its already been a year since the book nooks have graced the streets of Philadelphia! As a refresher, the Read by 4th team’s book nooks have been distributed to 150 locations in Philadelphia as part of the 22nd´ annual Martin Luther King Day of service, which was January 15 of 2017. Book nooks were created to allow kids the opportunity to emphasize the importance of family engagement with their children’s reading. Read by 4th’s book nooks are white shelved cases accessible for public use, catering to children between 0-9 years old. By decorating the space with colorful posters, providing a comfy chair or two, having the option of nesting on a snuggly rug while reading, all contribute to the holistic concept of not only getting kids excited to read, but to also assure that they are comfortable while doing so. Distributing book nooks in non-traditional spaces, such as: barbershops, coffee shops, and even laundromats, really helped build upon Read by 4th’s vision of creating a city of learning landscapes. Read by 4th ‘s book nooks are family friendly, so it is highly encouraged for parents and caregivers to read with children!

According to a variety of businesses, children prefer to read from the book nook as opposed to other activities. In fact, one of our partners Kenneth Duncan, from Main Attraction Unisex Salon stated that “Children prefer reading from the book nook rather than playing with their guardian’s devices”. The presence of a book nook, whether it be in a barbershop, daycare, or laundromat entices children and gets them enthused about reading! Book nook coordinators Kathy Cruz and Ameriois Rodriguez from the Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha at Luzerne agreed that “the book nook along with the comfortable chairs and rug provided, draws children in and allows them to be comfortable and in control while reading”. Amalia Watson from Shot Tower Coffee says that “various school children and new mothers are infatuated and excited about all the diversity and options of books to choose from the nooks. New mothers will sit and read to their infant, while the older children will read to themselves”.

In addition to children taking advantage of the nook, there are also several businesses that recognize the importance of supporting book nooks. Nancy Morozin from The Dining Car, exclaims that “there has been expressed interest among different organizations to get their hands on such a great resource!”

Read by 4th enjoys being able to provide many diverse businesses and organizations with book nooks to create a welcoming environment for them to indulge in the many adventures that books may offer them. Read by 4th team members are happy to announce that there is so much more to come with the book nook! So, stay tuned and keep your ears open!

To see a map of where book nooks are located, click here