Meet our new Reading Hero: Keith Wilson

Each of us goes through a time in our lives in which we struggle. For many, this time is normally the point in which we find what we’re made of, what we care about, what we want. For Keith Wilson, this moment came during his time working in a psychiatric hospital. Like those he saw every day, Keith knew he had been given privilege enough that he needed to do something to help those around him.

Graduating with a degree in psychology from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Keith became a teacher because he was motivated by a sense of community. Wanting to spread that sense of community, Keith teaches his students that education is the foundation of society. That the most important thing is not to teach just to give the answers, but to teach so that his students aren’t dependent on anything, that they believe in themselves.

In addition to teaching, Keith is also a published author. With two books currently released, he is doing more and more every day to further literacy here in the city of Philadelphia! Click Here and Here for more information for his work!

Furthermore, along with his approach inside the classroom Keith has proven himself steadfast in his mission to education outside as well. Over the summer, Keith would take his two daughters, along with his niece and nephew, to the library every day for them to pick out four books apiece. With each trip, their love of reading grew until, eventually, they were clamoring to go and pick out new books.

With this in mind, please join us in celebrating our new Reading Hero! Congratulations Keith! You deserve it!