Attendance Matters

IN JUST ONE DAY, your first-grader could finish their first book, cover to cover.


IN JUST ONE DAY, your second-grader could make another giant leap in reading.


IN JUST ONE DAY, your third-grader could write their own story with interesting characters.

The thing is, you never know which day that’s going to be.



1. Life can make all of us take unexpected turns.

So have a backup plan to your backup plan for getting your children to school on time, including for bad-weather days that call for a late start or early dismissal.

2. We all need a little help sometimes.

Form “car-bus-walk pools” with other families you know to take turns getting your children safely to school on time every day.


3. Say no to achoos.

Hand washing, using hand sanitizer, eating breakfast, and dressing warmly help keep our children healthy and in school during winter months.

Does your child need a warmer coat? Your school’s guidance counselor can help you get one.

4. Family time, especially over the holidays, is important. But so is school attendance.

Try to schedule family activities and vacations on non-school days.


5. What’s ok, and what’s not.

Coming to school with a cold is ok. Coming to school with a fever is not. Help us keep all our students healthy by keeping your child home when they have a fever.

6. Cold weather can be tough on children with asthma.

Meet with your school’s nurse to help you make sure your child’s asthma symptoms don’t keep them from school.