Reading Heroes


Children who read on grade level by the time they enter 4th grade are four times more likely to graduate from high school on time. Helping a child build his or her confidence and skill with reading is one way you can set that child on a positive path in life.

In Philadelphia, only 40% of our 4th graders are reading on grade level. This statistic is something we can change, but it will take all of us. We know that getting children ready for kindergarten, to school every day, on time (reading instruction happens during the first part of the day), and making sure they continue to read over the summer are three things we can all do to help.

We need to find our superhero capes and become reading heroes for the children in our lives.

Criteria: Reading Heroes must live in the city of Philadelphia and be at least 10 years old. Reading Heroes are ordinary people doing extraordinary things to help children learn to read.

If Selected: Reading Heroes will receive a Reading Heroes t-shirt and be recognized for their amazing work through the Read by 4th social media outlets (Facebook: @Readby4th; Instagram: Readby4th; and Twitter: @Readby4th). Some Reading Heroes will also be recognized on the Read by 4th website.