Reading Promise

Reading Promise 

A Reading Promise is an agreement you make with your child to read with them each and everyday. Due to our hefty schedules this may be a difficult promise to keep, but not an impossible one. Planning a time and place to read everyday with your child will help to create a reading habit. This can be done for 15 minutes before bedtime or while riding the bus home from school. 

Setting the Mood

Put a smile on your face before settling down to read. Reading is fun and we want your little learner to think so too. Moods are contagious. If you look grumpy when reading, your child is going to think reading is boring. But if you look excited to crack open that library book, your little reader will feel the excitement too.

Active Reading is another way to keep reading fun and engaging.

What is Active Reading?

Active reading occurs when you read with your child and not to your child. This is done by using the A, B, Cs of reading:

Ask questions 

Build Vocabulary  

Make Connections 


Check out our videos below to see the A, B, Cs of Active Reading in action!