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Ready4K is a free text message curriculum for parents and caregivers of children age birth to five that gives them the information they need to help build their children’s language and literacy skills by the time they start kindergarten. 

Available in Spanish and in English, Ready4K breaks down growing a young reader into small everyday steps that are easy to achieve. In addition to guidance, the program also provides continuous encouragement and supports to parents over an entire calendar year. Each week, Ready4K will send three text messages to parents and caregivers. The information is always developmentally appropriate and is either a fact, tip, or a message encouraging growth. Each text will help parents and caregivers build their children’s language and literacy skills by maximizing existing family routines in fun and easy ways. Scroll over the flip cards below for examples:

  • Fact

    The grocery store is great for building literacy skills. On the way to the store, ask your child to name all the fruits & vegetables s/he can think of.


  • Tip

    When you’re at the store, go on a letter hunt. Can your child find an “A” on a sign, box, or food label? What about a “B”? Can s/he go all the way to “Z”?


  • Growth

    Keep using time at the grocery store to build literacy skills! Ask: What rhymes with egg (leg, peg), cheese (knees, please) & jelly (belly, deli)?


Sign by using the form below or texting “Readby4th” to 70138 for children ages 0-5. Standard messaging rates apply.