School District of Philadelphia distributes free book packs to students citywide

With the 2017-2018 school year winding down, parents are looking for a wide range of activities for their children to do over the summer. For 37,000 pre-kindergarten through second grade students, they now have a promising idea as to what they’ll do this summer. For those students, the School District of Philadelphia has distributed free book packs to encourage summer reading.

Each student received a total of 10 books distributed by Scholastic.

This effort by the School District is part of the ongoing initiative to combat the loss of learning and reading skill over the summer months, the “summer slide.” Research has suggested that the summer slide can account for up to 85% of the reading achievement gap between low-income students and those of more affluent backgrounds.

Speaking to the media, District Superintendent Dr. William R. Hite says: “Here at the district, we are laser-focused on early literacy, whether it is through our own efforts to encourage summer reading, the Fund for The School District of Philadelphia’s Right Books Campaign, of the citywide Read by 4th Campaign.”

By encouraging students to read during the summer, the School District is hoping to make a “summer leap” in early literacy skills.

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