Sign up to host a discussion about literacy!

Here at Read by 4th we like to talk about literacy (a lot). And we like to talk about how you can help us to raise the literacy rate here in the City (a lot). So how about we all talk about literacy together?

Coming up on November 8, On the Table Philly will be hosting its third annual citywide “Let’s Talk” event. This is an event for people to host gatherings for talking about the issues in our city today, and we think you’d be great at it! In fact, here are seven reasons why you should sign up today to host a gathering:

Because only we can create the communities we want to live in.

If we’re going to boost the literacy rate here, then all of us are going to have to pitch in to change the neighborhoods we live in.

Because you’ll be doing the same thing anyway, so you may as well do it while you’re helping to raise awareness about literacy here in Philadelphia.

Listen, we get it. You’re going to drink coffee, or tea, sometime on November 8th. You’ll be having a meal too. Why not gather some people around and talk about the difference all of you can make?

You and your guests can win a drawing for a $250 grant to the nonprofit of your choice.

While Read by 4th would never tell you which nonprofit you should draw for, we do have one in mind.

You and your guest could apply for a $1000 Activate Grant to implement an idea emerging from your conversation.

Yeah, we know; you need the money in order to make the change you want in your communities, so why not be entered into a chance to win $1000 towards that goal? Even better, we can give you some great ideas to help get started.

It’ll be fun!

Like we said earlier, you’re going to be drinking coffee, tea, and having a meal sometime on November 8, so why not do it when you’re around a group of people who all want to change their communities? Have some coffee and have a great conversation with fascinating people.

Everyone will be talking about is, so you may as well take part.

Admit it, you see it trending on social media – #LetsTalkPhilly – and you want to take part. Go ahead! Remember, it’ll be fun!

Register today so you can pick up a toolkit, meet the other hosts, and collect some swag when you attend the host orientation event of your choice on October 31!

Who doesn’t like to meet great new people and get free stuff? While you’re learning at the same time! Sign us up!

Don’t miss the opportunity! Click here so you can register to host!