Thank You to Our Community Ambassadors

We would like to give a special thanks to our community ambassadors who have dedicated their time to helping parents and students understand the importance of school attendance and coming up with plans to prevent their absences. Community ambassadors, typically non-teacher employees of the school or parents of students, were chosen by the principals of the participating elementary schools– McClure, Cramp, Elkin, Cayuga and Taylor. The community ambassadors’ main job was to communicate with parents, figuring out how they can get their children to attend school.

The community ambassadors from these five elementary schools notify parents about attendance in a different way than most schools. They personally call the parents of the absent children first asking if everything is okay and then asking how they or the school can help prevent these absences from occurring again.

Eva Sanchez, a community ambassador for McClure Elementary, talked about how being a mother with children at the school helped her communicate better with parents whose kids were frequently absent.

“I spoke with parents individually if I saw a pattern,” Sanchez said. “I would tell them I know it’s hard because I’m a mommy too but you don’t want to get in trouble and they need to be going to school.”

When the children would return to school, Sanchez said she would go up to the students individually and tell them that they were missed. It was very rewarding for her to see some of those students improving.

“The best thing I took from being a community ambassador was watching the children see how important it was for them to go to school every day and become more engaged in their classrooms,” Sanchez said.

We are very appreciative of our community ambassadors for their time, patience and impact. Thank you for your hard work!