Tips for your reluctant young reader

Is your child beginning to fall behind his or her peers at school when it comes to reading? Does he or she seem to have no interest in reading? If so, the Free Library is here to help! The Free Library hosts a wide variety of programs and services for children designed to help and encourage a love of reading. In addition, the Free Library offers reading support for K – 3rd graders in the forms of programs like Literacy Lab and Philadelphia Reading Coaches.

However, if your child prefers to read/learn electronically, you could try downloading books directly onto an iPad or Kindle. The Free Library offers a huge library of digital ebooks for your child to foster a love of reading. Furthermore, you may find that offering your child books on subjects that appeals to them a great way to introduce them to reading.

Lastly, lead by example! Your child will discover a love of reading if they see you reading! Pick up a book and settle in; show your child that your love of reading can be passed on. Make it an adventure to go to the library to pick out new books. Read together, so that each of you can experience the joy of reading.  As you’re reading, make sure to stop and ask questions. Engaging with your child as they’re reading is a great way to make sure they understand what it is they are reading, as well as for them to think critically about the books.

For more tips on how to grow your reader, check out this article from The Inquirer.