Your child’s love of reading begins with you.

  • All Ages We all Have What it Takes
    All Ages

    Little changes we make in our children’s lives can make a big impact on their reading. 

  • Kids 0-2 Babbling for Brainy Babies
    Kids 0-2

    Talk, sing, play. All of it helps form your baby’s brain.

  • Kids 3-4 Find the Right Pre-K
    Kids 3-4

    Look for happy children and happy teachers.

  • Kids 5-9 Grow Your Reader
    Kids 5-9

    Match your child with the right books. Find their reading level on their report card.


Make your next trip to the grocery store a reading adventure. Click on a blue dot for ideas.

Photo: Greg Pallante 2013

What we’re reading

A Father’s Day Thank You

by Janet Nolan

Reading Level: M

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